U-RENDER for Cinema 4D

Real-Time Rendering at the Blazing Speed of a Game Engine


U-RENDER does not replace Cinema 4D's own renderer or Maxon's Redshift. U-RENDER should be seen as an add-on to these renderers. It is meant for real-time rendering, like in video games, something that is not possible with the aforementioned renderers.

Why you will love U-RENDER:

  • U-RENDER brings the blazingly fast real-time rendering technology from video games to Cinema 4D.
  • Achieving high-quality rendering results in milliseconds, U-RENDER is the ideal solution for look development, previsualization, and final frame rendering.
  • There is no need to learn a complex new engine. Users can stay in the Cinema 4D environment.
  • U-RENDER runs on typical game-ready hardware from AMD and NVIDIA and does not need expensive multi-GPU setups. Bringing your notebook with a dedicated mid-range graphics card to a meeting allows you to make changes on the fly, right there.
  • Each license of U-Render includes 12 months of free updates.
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U-RENDER is a subscription version, currently available as a plugin for Cinema 4D, and running on Windows platforms. More DCC hosts and a Mac version are expected in the near future.

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Struggling with rendering?
Watch U-RENDER's new First Steps Tutorial Series: A complete step-by-step guide about how to enjoy the potential of U-RENDER and achieve high-quality results in real-time.

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Price list

  • The regular price of U-RENDER for Cinema 4D (Win version) is € 249 ex VAT.
  • Download here the complete CGI Software Price List.

About U-RENDER visual technology GmbH

U-RENDER visual technology GmbH, based in Austria, is a leading developer of graphics software for 3D rendering.
Back in 2013, the company ran a small animation studio called 'Effects Garden'. Born out of frustation of long rendering times, the company started to develop their own tools, initially based on game enigines that were solely made to create games. This resulted in a workflow that was not really artists driven.

With a CTO having a background in developing industrial grade software for more than 15 years, the idea started to grow to develop a real-time renderer that smoothly integrates with the host application, thereby avoiding a complicated pipeline hindering the creative process.

In the years that follow, the company slowly transformed from an animation studio into a software development company, until in 2016 U-RENDER was born. In 2021, U-RENDER became the fastest renderer available for Cinema 4D.

Their next step is to increase the number of platforms where U-RENDER is fully integrated. And always with that main goal in mind: to reduce friction in the creative process.