Videon EdgeCaster and LiveEdge

A revolution in low latency video streaming


EdgeCaster is the simplest way to integrate your live video production with the network to start streaming live fast. Stream with ultra-low latency, reduce operational costs, and improve reliability by bringing cloud functionality on-premise with LiveEdge.

What is EdgeCaster?




EdgeCaster* is the video encoding hardware. Edgecaster Core Operating System includes:
   HDMI or SDI input (with embedded or external audio input)
   Encoding up to 4Kp30
   Video codecs: H.264, HEVC
   Audio codecs: AAC-LC
   Outputs: RTMP, RTSP, MPEG-TS multicast and unicast
   Recording of the video content with FTP integration
   Native integration with Akamai, AWS IVS, Facebook, Wowza, Youtube, Mux
   RESTful API
   Web GUI

* EdgeCaster requires a minimum 3-year Subscription to LiveEdge® Platform. Subscription is activated upon product registration by the end-user.

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What is LiveEdge?




LiveEdge* is Videon's computing platform that brings traditional cloud functions directly to EdgeCaster's Qualcomm chip. This is the very reason that ultra low latencies can be achieved with video streaming. 

LiveEdge contains 4 suites: LiveEdge Streaming,  LiveEdge Broadcast, LiveEdge Compute and LiveEdge Cloud.

  • With a LiveEdge® Platform Subscription, you have access to LiveEdge Streaming (reduces your cloud costs and minimizes latency) and LiveEdge Broadcast (access to metadata processing and higher-tier streaming protocols for broadcast operations).
  • LiveEdge Compute is a developer toolkit to create custom video computing functions in a cloud-friendly environment. It that can be purchased as an add-on to LiveEdge® Platform Subscription
  • LiveEdge Cloud will come soon and enables you to orchestrate a fleet of devices from anywhere in the world while monitoring their health and receiving real-time alerts.

* LiveEdge* requires EdgeCaster hardware

More information about LiveEdge:


What does EdgeCaster plus a LiveEdge Subscription bring you?


EdgeCaster plus a LiveEdge Subscription brings you the best of video streaming technology. One is assured of reliable video streaming with ultra low latency and 24/7 support. Optionally, one can customize their streaming solution with extra functionality or can manage and monitor devices from anywhere in the world.



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About Videon

Videon has a long history delivering cutting-edge video technologies in partnership with industry leaders like Qualcomm, Intel, and Samsung. They have played a critical role in innovation around DVD, set-top-boxes, and inflight entertainment. Today, they proudly introduce Videon’s on-premise Video Compute Platform.

What started as a single appliance has now become our fully-integrated video compute platform. Delivered as a single unified hardware and software stack, along with a complete set of tools, our video computer platform allows customers, partners, system integrators, and developers to build ultra-reliable, low cost, and highly customizable video-centric solutions.