DZOFILM - Professional Cine Lenses and Cine Filters


Designing and building cinema-style zoom lenses is quite complex and good lenses are often highly priced.
DZOFILM was the first lens company building professional cine zoom lenses at revolutionary prices that cinema camera users can only dream about. Later, they also developed cine prime lenses and cine filters, all high quality and at unprecedented cost-effective price levels.



History of Releases

  • September 2019. DZOFILM first launched the LingLung series for cameras with MFT (M4/3) mounts; lenses are in 20-70mm and 10-24mm T2.9.
  • July 2020. Release of the Pictor Zoom series; Super35 cine zoom lenses for cameras with PL and EF mounts, with lenses in 20-55mm and 50-125mm T2.8. With this move, DZOFILM makes cinematographic filming available for a much bigger audience. 
  • November 2020. DZOFILM released their first full frame cine lenses with the Vespid Full Frame Primes series for PL and EF mounts. Lenses arVespide available in 25/35/50/75/100/125mm T2.1 and in Macro 90mm T2.8.
  • December 2021. Catta Zoom came on the market; with this series DZOFILM continues to build full frame lenses but now for zoom lenses, and again at unprecedented cost-effective price levels. The lenses, 35-80mm and 70-135mm T2.9, come in white with an E mount and you can optionally purchase RF, L, X, and Z mount bayonets to fit a variety of cameras.
  • December 2021. The Vespid series is extended by the Vespid Prime FF 16mm T2.8; a full frame cine prime lens for PL and EF mounts to cover the wider angle.
  • March 2022, Catta Ace Zoom was released; a full frame cine zoom lens for PL/EF/LPL mounts. This series is based on the Catta Zoom technology but now made for PL/EF mount and in black metal color.
  • April 2022. Catta Zoom Black was released; full frame cine zoom lenses for E mount lenses and with optional mount bayonets suitable for RF, L, X, and Z mount cameras. The 35-80mm and 70-135mm T2.9 lenses have the same features as Catta Zoom White that came earlier in the market.
  • April 2022. The Pictor Zoom series is extended by the Pictor Zoom 14-30mm T2.8; a 35 cine zoom lens for PL and EF mounts to cover the wider angle range.
  • April 2022. DZOFILM released KOOP Filter; their first cine filters, suitable for PL mounts of Vespid and Catta Ace. KOOP Filter is a set of detachable and magnetic rear filters available in Standard Set and Artistic Set.
  • May 2022. DZOFILM continues building cine filters and released Catta Coin Cine Filter. These are 3 new cine filter packages for Catta Zoom only; there is an ND set, a Black Mist set, and an Artistic set.
  • June 2022. A new type of lense is added to the Vespid Prime series: Vespid Cyber, available in 35/50/75mm T2.1 for PL and EF mount. Unique to Vespid Cyber is the data interface port on the lens which enables autofocus and calibration with the DJI RS3 PRO autofocus system, making shooting faster and more convenient.
  • July 2022. DZOFILM releases Marlin: an adapter lens to convert a Pictor Zoom lens or any other Super 35 lens to cover Full Frame or Vista Vision cameras.
  • July 2022. DZOFILM announces Vespid 21mm and 40mm full frame cine prime lenses. With this addition, DZOFILM completes a full set of 10 prime lenses, contained in the Vespid Prime Cine 10-Lens Kit. With the extra sense of space created by the 21 mm wide angle lens and the standard focal length of 40mm for a most natural, life-like shooting, you now have everything you need to run up a set. The Vespid Prime Cine 10-Lens Kit consists of 16 T2.8/ 21/ 25/ 35/ 40/ 50/ 75/ 100/ 125mm T2.1 & Macro 90mm T2.8.
  •  August 2022. DZOFILM releases Gnosis: three macro prime lenses for the high-end cine market, available in 32/64/90mm T2.8 focal length.
  • October 2022. DZOFILM releases Vespid Retro: a series of 7 Vespid prime lenses with a new lens coating that gives images a warm, vintage look with gentle sharpness and warm, golden tones, available in  16, 25, 35, 50, 75, 100, and 125mm.
  • January 2023. Release of Catta Ace 18-35mm. With this wide lens, DZOFILM expands its field of view coverage for full frame zoom lenses for PL, EF, and LPL mounts. The 18-35mm lens adds to the existing Catta Ace series of 35-80mm and 70-135mm lenses. 
  • February 2023. Release of Pictor 12-25mm: a super wide cine zoom lens for Super35/APS-C sensors. This lens is the fourth lens in the Pictor series that also contain a 14-30mm, 50-125mm and 20-55mm version.
  • March 2023. Release of Gnosis 24mm. Adding to the Gnosis Macro Series, thsi lens provides a unique combination of wide-angle and macro capabilities to include additional details and show more of the background, giving the impression of greater depth and a more immersive viewing experience.
  • March 2023. Release of Catta Zoom 18-35mm. With this wide lens, DZOFILM expands its field of view coverage for full frame zoom lenses with E/RF/L/X/Z mounts. The 18-35mm lens adds to the existing Catta Zoom series of 35-80mm and 70-135mm lenses. 
  • September 2023. Release of Tango 18-90 & 65-280mm T2.9: a cine servo zoom lens for Super35 mm sensors, supported by an optional dedicated cine servo unit module developed by Movcam to meet the needs of the most demanding broadcasters.
  • September 2023. Announcement of Pavo 2x anamorphic lens: a series of 6 anamorphic prime lenses. The lens will be released in October 2023.
  • September 2023. Announcement of Vespid 12mm lens: an ultra-wide-angle prime lens boosting cinematic and dramatic effects with stunningly rich details. Vespid 12mm is the latest addition to the Vespid cine prime lens series, making the Vespid series covering a range of 11 focal lengths now, from ultra-wide-angle to standard and telephoto, catering to diverse shooting scenarios. The lens will be released in October 2023.


Pavo 2x Anamorphic

Cine Servo Zoom lens for Super35 mm sensors




Pavo 2x anamorphic is a series of 9 anamorphic prime lenses for Super35 camera sensors.

There are two versions of Pavo

  • Pavo 2x anamorphic with Neutral Coating
  • Pavo 2x anamorphic with Blue Coating

Each version provides:
  • Single lenses in 9 focal lengths:  28mm, 32mm, 40mm, 55mm, macro 65mm, 75mm, 100mm, 135mm, and 180mm.
  • A 3-lens kit with either 28/40/75mm (Prime A set) or 32/55/100mm (Prime B set) or macro 65/180/135mm (Prime C set). The price of a 3-lens kit is up to 5% lower than the price of the sum of 3 single lenses.
  • 6-lens kit with all T2.1 lenses 28/32/40/55/75/100mm T2.1. The price of a 6-lens kit is 5% lower than the price of the sum of 6 single lenses.


  • The single lenses come in a carton box that includes PL lens*1, Front Cap*1, PL Rear Cap*1, EF Bayonet*1, EF Rear Cap*1, Screws*2 packs, Shims*1 set, screwdriver*1, Stickers, Warranty card*1.
  • Hard cases for 1 piece and for 3 pieces Pavo Anamorphic lens can be purchased as separate products. The prices are listed under Hard Cases in the price list. 
  • The Prime A set (28/40/75mm) and the Prime B set (32/55/100mm) Pavo 3-lens kit come with a hard case.
  • The Prime C set (macro 65/180/135mm) comes with 3 hard cases.
  • The Pavo 6-lens kit comes with 2 hard cases containing 3 lenses each. 

Features Pavo 2x Anamorphic T2.1 lenses: 28|32|40|55|75|100 mm

  • Bundle design, simply deal with any shooting in the film industry. There are six golden focal lengths; 28mm, 32mm, 40mm, 55mm, 75mm, and 100mm. All lenses except the 100mm are T2.1. Pavo 100mm is T2.4 for the aperture to keep the image quality uniform with the other 5 lenses.
  • S35, 2X Compression factor
    The format is unworried to match with various cinema cameras, and the 2X anamorphic magnification brings excellent WATERFALL BOKEH. The combination of S35 and 2X is so-called the 'TRUE' anamorphic.
  • Small Size & Lightweight
    The lightweight size of Pavo Anamorphic lenses reduces the burden on filmmakers/ video-makers, and it is a perfect match for drones, Steadicam, and other shooting equipment.
  • Breaking through the anamorphic limitation of closest focusing
    The close focusing distance of all Pavo lenses is shorter than any anamorphic lenses on the market. This provides the possibility of diverse and multi-scene presentations for videos and feature films.
  • Pleasing barrel distortion, classic anamorphic with modern design
    Low distortion rate design, retaining classic anamorphic user experience without losing good image quality in style.
  • Beautiful horizontal flare, excellent image quality
    Blue and silver flare colors are available, well controlled and soft flare, pictures can still be kept clean when shooting night scenes and with multiple light sources.


Features Pavo 2x Anamorphic macro 65|135|180mm

  • Anamorphic Marvels in Macrovision
  • The Pavo 65mm macro lens features an impressive close focus distance of only 0.366m and a 1:2 magnification ratio, allowing you to capture the exquisite details of the macro world from a natural viewpoint. The close-up capacity, reminiscent of spherical lenses, combined with the 2X anamorphic effect, produces remarkably dramatic close-up shots, opening up new creative possibilities and artistic expression for filmmakers.
  • All-inclusive Coverage for Cinematic Depth
  • The Pavo series now includes two more telephoto lenses at 135mm and 180mm, offering more creative freedom and efficient filming on set. Longer focal lengths lead to a shallower depth of field, compressing environmental space and isolating characters against a creamy background. This intensifies the tension and emotional effect of the images, creating a more immersive visual experience.
  • Modern Ergonomics, Aesthetic Visuals
  • The entire Pavo lineup features a 16-blade aperture (28mm with 14 blades), effortlessly delivering the classic oval-shaped bokeh of anamorphic imagery. Advanced optical design ensures precise control over chromatic aberration and distortion, guaranteeing sharp and clear resolution from center to corner with vibrant and natural color rendition. The soft elliptical bokeh, along with smooth background blur, adds an artistic touch to the visuals, enhancing their cinematic appeal.
  • Unparalleled Compact Anamorphic
  • While providing comprehensive coverage of practical focal lengths, the Pavo series remains lightweight and compact, with weights ranging from 1.2 to 2 kg. These lenses are compatible with gimbals, steadicams and drones, allowing for a wide range of shooting settings, from handheld to aerial, catering to both indie filmmakers and large-scale productions.
  • Characteristic flares for a pure look
  • The Pavo series presents subtle, attractive, and evenly layered streak flares under strong lighting conditions, delivering a clean and crisp image while maintaining the distinctive anamorphic visual style.


Cine Servo Zoom lens for Super35 mm sensors




Tango is a Cine Servo Zoom lens for Super35 mm sensors. The lens can be paired with a dedicated cine servo unit module, developed by Movcam (not included in the package), to meet the needs of the most demanding broadcasters. The lens is aimed at high-end broadcast and cinema productions. 

There are two versions of Tango

  • Tango 18-90mm T2.9 S35 Zoom Lens PL&EF mount - meter (w/o servo)
  • Tango 65-280mm T2.9-4 S35 Zoom Lens PL&EF mount - meter (w/o servo)


  • Both lenses come as a PL mount with a free EF bayonet and shims included in the hard case. 
  • If you order a bundle, you get two hard cases, each including one lens, so you can sell each lens separately if you wish.

Features Tango

  • Versatile Coverage, Unlimited Perspective
    The Tango series offers an impressive range of focal lengths, from wide-angle to telephoto, allowing filmmakers to capture everything from sweeping landscapes to intimate close-ups with stunning details. With focal lengths spanning from 18mm to 280mm, the Tango lineup provides filmmakers with versatility and endless creative possibilities. The 18-90mm lens has a consistent T2.9 aperture throughout its 5x zoom range, while the 65-280mm lens boasts a T2.9 to T4 aperture with a 4.3x zoom ratio.

  • Aesthetic Bokeh, Captivating Visual
    With a 16-blade aperture diaphragm, the Tango Zoom series produces smooth and alluring bokeh, drawing viewers into a world of visual storytelling. Its exceptional color rendition brings lifelike skin tones to the screen, making it perfect for fashion projects, documentary and sports. Capturing delicate facial details with exquisite precision, these lenses excel at mesmerizing close-ups that leave a lasting impression.

  • Cinematic Immersion with Artistic Colors
    The Tango zoom series features advanced optical design to effectively correct chromatic aberrations, resulting in optimal image quality and color reproduction. The entire lineup maintains a high level of color consistency, along with outstanding distortion control and imperceptible breathing effects, ensuring an immersive visual experience with unrivaled brilliance.

  • Intuitive Ergonomics, Unparalleled Precision

  • Seamless Integration with MOVCAM Servo Unit (Optional)
    The Tango Zoom series offers the ultimate combination of cinema-grade optics and ENG-style functionality. With optional servo compatibility, these lenses can be seamlessly integrated with ENG cameras, enabling remote control of focus, iris and zoom settings. Unlocking new possibilities for broadcasting, large-scale events, and versatile shooting scenarios, they cater to experienced cinematographers seeking professional-grade performance.

  • Fluorescent Markings for Practical Operation
    Thoughtfully designed to accommodate the demands of low-light shooting, all focus ring, zoom ring, and aperture ring markings are coated with luminous paint. This ingenious integration enhances clarity, empowering focus pullers and camera operators to effortlessly discern crucial details above the lens, elevating on-set efficiency.

  • Duel-side Imperial or Metric Scales

Vespid Retro

New Coating for a Vintage Look




Vespid Retro is a series of 7 Vespid prime lenses with a new lens coating that gives images a warm, vintage look with gentle sharpness and warm, golden tones. On the outside, a sleek silver cinematic housing differentiates the new Retro primes from the original black design. For the remaining, the optical design is the same as the standard Vespid series.

Vespid Retro is only available as a kit consisting of 7 lenses: 16, 25, 35, 50, 75, 100, and 125mm. All lenses come with a PL mount in the kit and can be changed to an EF mount with the free EF Mount Tool Kit delivered with the kit. The lenses will not be sold separately. 



  • New lens coating that gives images a warm, vintage look with gentle sharpness and warm, golden tones.
  • Full frame sensors.
  • The same reliable mechanical performance as the original Vespid Prime, with a uniform and constant position of the focus ring and iris ring, so no adjustment is needed when changing the lens.
  • Precisely control the focus with 270-degree focusing rotation.
  • Interchangeable PL/EF mount design which is compatible with a variety of cinema cameras

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High-end Macro Lenses in Super Wide, Wide, Standard, and Telephoto Field of View




The DZOFILM Gnosis 24mm/ 32mm/ 65mm/ 90mm ensures life-sized (1:1/ 1.33:1/ 1.5:1) reproduction at 6.6in/ 9.36in/ 10.2in. The impressive magnifications make small things look bigger in the scenes. This allows filmmakers to get an incredible amount of details and discover the astonishing beauty of the microcosm within a close working distance from the subjects. These three lenses cover wide-angle, standard, and telephoto focal lengths, providing flexible shooting distance and different field of view options to meet the demand for macro creation in common focal lengths and adapt to a wider range of subjects. Close-up distance is 15.5-26cm.



  • Original in LPL mount, with additional PL/ EF mounts
  • T2.8 full aperture, smooth adjustment between T2.8 and T22
  • 24mm: provides a unique combination of wide-angle and macro capabilities to include additional details and show more of the background, giving the impression of greater depth and a more immersive viewing experience
  • 32mm: accommodates more elements and brings dramatic creation with more tension
  • 65mm: expresses the comfortable and actual image
  • 90mm: exhibits a sense of compression, which provides natural and soft bokeh
  • Play an important role in TVC and professional film & television production


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1.6x Expander To Mount Pictor Zoom Lens or Any Other Super 35 Lens to a Full Frame Camera




Marlin is a lens adapter to let a Pictor Zoom or any other Super 35 lens fit into a full-frame or Vista Vision camera. It does so by extending the focal length and enlarging the image circle by a factor of 1.6 while obtaining the original angle of view of the S35 lens; therefore, it is also called a 1.6x Expander. 

Marlin is placed right in front of a full-frame camera and behind the Pictor Zoom or any other Super 35 lens. The camera should have an E, RF, L, LPL, or PL mount. 

With Marlin, you can use a Super 35 lens on a wide variety of cameras. 


  • Multiplies the focal length and image circle by 1.6x with only 1.5 stops light loss
  • No degradation of image quality
  • Adjust the back focus quickly and easily
  • Minor flange back adjustment through a ring, no need to use shims
  • Solid and sturdy, compact and light-weight
  • A total of 5 different mounts: PL lens to E/RF/L/LPL/PL camera


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Vespid Cyber

35, 50, & 75mm T2.1 Full Frame Prime Lenses With Data Interface Port for PL and EF Mount




Unique for the Vespid Cyber is its data interface port on the lens that allows you to output the focusing and aperture data which could then be used in post-production and virtual production. The lens enables autofocus and calibration with a third-party focusing system, making your shooting faster and more convenient. Currently, Vespid Cyber works with DJI RS3 PRO autofocus system only. More application scenarios will be supported in the future.


Other features

  • Available in 35/50/75mm T2.1 for PL and EF mount.
  • T 2.1 aperture guarantees a sufficient amount of light with the subject being impressively sharp yet the background soft and natural which is consistent through all focal lengths of the Vespid groups.
  • Uniform and constant position of focus ring and iris ring which allows the focus control can be quickly adapted after changing the lens.
  • PL lens mount is available for DZOFILM Koop Magnetic Filter.
  • φ 95mm front diameter which is compatible with most matte boxes in the market.
  • The lens mounts are interchangeable in the field and can be easily converted from PL to EF.
  • Consistent mechanics as the Vespid series, exceptionally compact and lightweight, weighs within 1.2kg/2.64lbs.
  • Uses Lemo Cable Connector (4-pin, IP50) which is splashproof and dust protected.
  • Operating temperature ranges between -25°C and 70°C.


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Catta Coin Cine Filters for Catta Zoom

Put a COIN Into Your Catta Zoom, Unlock The Secret, And Start Your Own Creative Journey




Catta Coin are 3 new cine filter packages for Catta Zoom only.

  • Catta Coin Plug-in Filter - ND set (for Catta Zoom only); €159
  • Catta Coin Plug-in Filter - Black Mist set (for Catta Zoom only): €159
  • Catta Coin Plug-in Filter - Artistic set (for Catta Zoom only); €279

General features of Catta Coin

  • High-quality DZOFILM double-sided nano coating. The coating reduces reflection and glare and effectively prevents glass surface from fingerprints and retains cleanness.
  • Compact & Portable: Rear plug-in filters not only allow users to change ND / star / streak / black mist filter freely, but also add amusement to the filming experience.
  • A reliable companion to Catta Zoom. Original rear filter designed, maintains original clean images without flaring or ghosting.


ND Set

  • Consists of ND 0.6, ND 0.9, and ND 1.2 filters.
  • Reduces light evenly with spectacular optical performance.
  • Creates images without color fringing nor image degradation.
  • Unique DZOFILM designed glass provides high clarity and colour rendition.

Black Mist Set

  • Consists of 1/4 and 1/8 Black Mist filters.
  • Softens blemishes and maintains natural skin tone.
  • Creates a pastel effect, reduces contrasts and provides a clean look to images.
  • Enhances subtle and cinematic sense.
  • Reduces highlights while retaining details in darkness.

Artistic Set

  • Consists of Blue, Golden, and Rainbow streak filters and Rainbow Starburst filter.
  • Offers an creative way to simulate the anamorphic streak effect with Catta Zoom.
  • Blue, Golden, and Rainbow streak from light sources create a visually dramatic look to draw attention.
  • High quality glass star filter allows users to create stars from specular highlights, which increases the dramatic sense of point light source and makes stunning light effects.


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Koop Filter for Vespid and Catta Ace PL

Cine Filters to Explore Endless Inspiration




“Koop” Rear Filter set allows you to explore the endless inspiration for your Vespid PL lenses and Catta Ace PL Zoom lenses.

Detachable & Magnetic Rear Filters

No change to weight center or image quality. The original filter design brings protection to the lens rear and also creates a stylized image.

KOOP Filter for Vespid/ Catta Ace PL mount is available in Standard Set and Artistic Set

The Standard Set contains: 

  • ND 4, ND 8, and ND 16 filters.  Control exposure and depth-of-field under various lighting conditions with three degrees of ND (4/8/16). Meticulous machining contributes to the consistency of filters. Enable even exposure in unbalanced lighting conditions
  • L365 UV filter. General protection for the rear element, effectively reduces dust, moisture, or scratches. Nano multi-coating prevents loss of light.

The Artistic Set contains: 
  • Black Mist 1/4 filter. Reserve more shadow details while softening the light.
  • Streak Filter (Blue) filter. Flexible and controllable, just for your creative filming. A long blue anamorphic streak effect is simulated when there is a strong light.
  • DIY filter. Magnetic filter frame plus Bokeh filter, the secret to unique Bokeh. Start with the D logo, Star, Lighting, Heart, and Question Mark filters in the package!
Product P/N MSRP
KOOP Filter for Vespid/ Catta Ace PL mount--Standard Set dz040 €279.00
KOOP Filter for Vespid/ Catta Ace  PL mount--Artistic Set dz041 €279.00


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Octopus Adapters

One Click Adapter to Adapt Your PL/EF Lens to Multiple Camera Systems




Octopus, a kind of smart creature that catches subjects tightly through their tentacles. Inspired by this, the DZOFILM adapter holds the lens to the camera body tightly as an Octopus does and keeps it secure during use.

The Octopus adapters can be used for DZOFILM's Pictor, Vespid and Catta Ace series as well as on almost any PL and EF mount lens.

DZOFILM has the following Octopus adapters to attach a PL or EF lens to a variety of camera mounting systems:

  • Octopus Adapter for PL lens to E mount camera (Sony)
  • Octopus Adapter for PL lens to L mount camera (Leika, Sigma, Panasonic)
  • Octopus Adapter for PL lens to X mount camera (Fujifilm)
  • Octopus Adapter PL lens to RF mount camera - Black (Canon)
  • Octopus Adapter PL lens to  RF mount camera - White (Canon)
  • Octopus Adapter for PL lens to DJI DX mount camera (Ronin 4D)
  • Octopus Adapter for EF lens to E mount camera (Sony) 
  • Octopus Adapter for EF lens to RF mount camera (Canon) 
  • Octopus Adapter for EF lens to L mount camera (Leika, Sigma, Panasonic) 


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Catta Ace Zoom

18-35mm & 35-80mm & 70-135mm T2.9 Full Frame Cine Zoom Lenses for PL/EF Mount




The Catta Ace 18-35mm, 35-80mm, and 75-135mm T2.9 lenses feature wide focal length and authentic color with cinematic image. It covers a 46.5mm sensor to meet the latest large format cameras. Parfocal design holds the focus easily throughout the zoom in or out. 

As light as ever, Catta Ace can be easily applicable with gimbal and other accessories. While focussing along the journey, minimal breathing ensures that the edge of the frame remains consistent, hence enhancing the audience's immersion in the narrative. 

The mechanical and optical construction of the two lenses are identical, a perfect combination of wide angle and telephoto with zero difference for perfect articulation.

Other features

  • Compact, wide focal length T2.9 zoom lens cover Vista Vision (46.5mm) sensors.
  • Cinematic image quality with natural skin tones
  • PL/EF/LPL Mount, suitable for more mounts with the Octopus Adapters for PL to E/L/X/RF
  • Lighter, stronger, parfocal as ever
  • Clear as you see, even in wide open
  • Round Bokeh with 16 blades iris and fine details with close up 
  • Better breathing control
  • Equipped with an interchangeable mount
  • Standard mechanics and aesthetic design
  • Equipped with professional Pelican flight case

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Catta Zoom

18-35mm & 35-80mm & 70-135mm T2.9 Full Frame Cine Zoom Lenses for E/RF/L/X/Z Mount






After the launch of Super35 zoom lenses "Pictor”, and full-frame prime lenses “Vespid”, DZOFILM now meets the need of full-frame zoom users. Again, revolutionary priced. The name is Catta, named after an agile and curious monkey. Light and compact, easy to carry to explore more possibilities on shooting. With increasing cinematographers turning to full-frame format for various productions, Catta Zoom aims to meet the current market's demands of acquiring high-quality images and satisfying larger format cameras, like the latest Red V-raptor 8k.

You can order Catta now. The end user price is €2719 for a single lens with E mount, and a €269 discount if purchased in a bundle. If you need other mounts (RF/ L/ Z/ X mount), it takes an extra €55 to get one more mount together with a purchase of a single lens. And €89 to get two additional mounts if purchasing a bundle. A separate Catta Zoom RF/L/Z/X mount costs €139. 

Unique Catta Zoom Features

  • Available in White and Black Metal

  • Focal length
    Catta comes in three types: the Catta 18-35mm, 35-80mm, and the Catta 70-135mm, all T2.9. Together they cover the majority of focal lengths in a variety of film, documentary, and broadcast projects. By using 18-35mm, 35-80mm and 70-135mm, cinematographers can create cinematic images without sacrificing time for lens swapping. The maginifaction ratios are 1.9x for the 35-80mm, 2.3x for the 35-80mm, and 1.9x for the 70-135mm.
  • Lighter, Stronger
    The 18-35mm T/2.9 weighs 1.68 kg, while the35mm-80mm T/2.9 weighs only 1.53kg, and the 70mm-135mm T/2.9 is less than 1.6kg. In order to decrease the weight, DZOFILM chooses to use polycarbonate and glass fiber on the shell with strict tolerance. Extremely portable for frequently changing field of view. These cinema zoom lenses would be a great choice for live shows, indie filmmaking, vehicle shooting, documentaries, and gun shooting scenarios with precise parfocal design. Because it is so light it is easily applicable to gimbals such as Ronin s2 and Crane 3s etc. for shooting rapidly moving scenes.
  • Round Bokeh and Fine Details
    With 16 blades of the diaphragm and an aperture range of T2.9-T22, Catta produces round and smooth bokeh with natural transition in the image. The extremely close focus distance helps users to shoot clear details and characteristics of the subject.

  • Authentic Color Reproduction 
    Embracing the design philosophy of natural, original, and real, Catta Zoom lenses reproduce the real world on that small yet comprehensive sensor. To record the realistic scenes and make it easier to color mixing in post-production.

  • Better Breathing Control Than Ever
    All DZOFILM cine lenses have minimal breathing but Catta performs even better by showing invisible breathing during racking focus. Along the journey, the edge of the frame remains constant, enhancing the audience's immersion in the narrative.
    Watch here:

  • Plug-in Filter: Unlock the Secret of Mirage
    Loaded with a 77mm detachable front filter design, Catta Zoom lenses are also equipped with a plug-in rear filter slot, allowing users to add and quickly change cine filters. DZOFILM has their own Catta Coin Cine Filters for Catta Zoom only; there is an ND set, a Black Mist set, and an Artistic set.

  • Applicable to Various Cameras
    Catta lenses are shipped in (Sony) E mount. But there are additional mounts to fit a variety of cameras. RF/L/Z/X mounts can be purchased as a separate accessory or combined with a single lens or a bundle. The mounts are interchangeable and can be easily and quickly attached to the lens. You can download a video about how to exchange a mount from the blue marketing material download bar below. 

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Vespid Prime

Full Frame Cine Prime Lenses



Vespid Prime is a revolutionary priced range of full-frame cine prime lenses for PL and EF mounts. The mounts are user-removable and come with PL mount by default. A free EF Mount Tool Kit is provided for each lens, so you can change to EF mount

Agile like a wasp (see here the name 'vespid'), the Vespid Prime is compact and lightweight, and with its 46.5mm image circle, it can be used on large-format cameras with minimal breathing during focusing.

The Vespid series contain nine focal lengths and one 1:1.5 macro lens. They include a 16mm, 21mm, 25mm, 35mm, 40mm, 50mm, 75mm, 90mm(macro), 100mm, and 125mm. The 16mm and the macro 90mm are T2.8, and the rest of the set are T2.1.


Other Features

• The lenses have a uniform front diameter, making swapping out lenses easier.
• The lenses are all metal with a solid build.
• The 16 blades diaphragm is good for a pleasant round Bokeh. 


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Pictor Zoom

12-25mm & 14-30mm & 20-55mm & 50-125mm | T2.8 Super 35 Cine Zoom Lenses for PL/EF




Pictor Zoom is available in a 12-25mm, 14-30mm, 50-125mm and 20-55mm version. The lenses cover Super35/APS-C sensors and feature a constant T/2.8 aperture through the entire zoom range. The lenses ship with a PL mount with an extra EF mount bayonet in the package. Lens mounts are user interchangeable, providing more possibility of shooting. 


Features Pictor Zoom

  • Standard M0.8 gear pitch
  • 270° focus rotation angle
  • Filter size M86*0.75
  • Covers a Super 35/ APS-C format 
  • T2.8 stop in all focal length
  • Parfocal design\Minimum breathing
  • 16 blades providing smooth and round Bokeh
  • Clear image and complexion friendly
  • Interchangeable mount system compatible with PL, E, EF and LPL mounts, providing more possibility of shooting 
  • Feet and meters are indicated on the lens
  • Lightweight


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As of January 2024, the prices of the Pictor Zoom lenses have been reduced by up to 30%. Click here for the latest DZOFILM price list.


10-24mm & 20-70mm Cine Zoom Lenses for MFT Mount



LingLung is available in a 10-24mm and a 20-70mm version. Both lenses feature a constant T/2.9 aperture through the entire zoom range. The lenses are compatible with Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K, Z Cam E2, Panasonic GH5 and GH5S.


  • Nearly ZERO breathing effect
  • Parfocal design
  • Compatible with BMPCC 4K, Z Cam E2, Panasonic GH5/GH5S


• Flange distance 20-70mm or 10-24mm
• T stop: 2.9
• Focus rotation angle: ≈270°
• Zoom rotation angle: 100°
• Iris rotation angle for 20-70mm lens : 72°
• Iris rotation angle for 10-24mm lens: 58°
• Fine adjustment on black flange: ±0.3mm
• Iris blades: 12
• Close focus distance 20-70mm lens : 0.79m/2ft.7in
• Close focus distance 10-24mm lens: 0.5m/1ft.8in
• Filter diameter for 20-70mm len: 77mms
• Filter diameter for 10-24mm lens: Matte box recommended 
• Weight: 1.1 kg


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