RGBlink mini: the compact streaming switcher


RGBlink presents two compact streaming switchers: mini and mini+.
Both switchers have a 4x HDMI input mixer and USB 3.0 streaming output in H2.65 encoding quality. 
RGBlink mini+ has the extra support of DSK and PTZ control of UVC-based PTZ cameras. 

mini makes the sophisticated simple. Switch seamlessly between any of the four HDMI inputs and output to both HDMI and the dedicated USB 3.0 output. mini is ideal for live streaming applications and presentations, allowing multiple sources to be utilized for a professional impression every time. Onboard features include PIP, transition effects and external audio embedding, and with the mini+ feature pack, there is support for UVC PTZ cameras and DSK. Large buttons make quick actions easy, while the provision of the T-bar allows a smooth transition between sources, whether they be cameras or graphics. Compact in size, controllable via smartphone or computer, mini goes anywhere, and with handy features like the ability to mount to standard l/4in UNC accessories, mini is at home in any studio. 

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Key Features mini / mini+

  • Scale Convert Present.
    The RGBlink advanced hardware-based video processing engine supports scaling and full 4:4:4 color space for optimal visual output.
  • 4 HDMI inputs.
  • Built-in preview.
    Preview sources and PVW/PGM directly from the LCD display on the front panel.
  • Connect & Control.
    Control directly from the front panel, or remotely via a LAN connection with apps for laptops and mobile devices, or integrate with third party apps.
  • Stream and Capture.
    Connect mini to an internet connected laptop, or any USB 3.0 device, for capture or streaming to virtually any platform via OBS.
  • Synchronise with Audio.
    Utilise embedded or external audio and extract to audio mixers or other devices for video and audio synchronisation. 
  • Crop, Position, Scale.
    Focus on exactly the video area required with pixel-to-pixel cropping, XV positioning and scaling to zoom.
  • Auto cut and manual switch (T-Bar).
    Switch between any connected video source simply by tapping on the source button in Fast mode or via the T-Bar directly from the front panel. Connect via LAN to one of the mini apps for remote functionality - CUT set fade times or transitions from anywhere.
  • 14 transition effects on T-Bar.
  • Support PIP (Picture-In-Picture). Add a Picture-in-Picture video as an overlay in one of nine PIP and PBP preset positions. Whether for closeups or companion shots, PIP allows for two videos to be output at the same time. 
  • Licensed features including DSK, Logo, PTZ control (in mini+ only).
  • Compact design.

What to connect and how to control?

Below is a graphic how to connect your devices.

4x HDMI inputs

  • Connect max 4 HDMI sources to the 4 HDMI inputs on the switcher. This can be a video, photo, or PTZ camera, or a computer that outputs computer graphics. 
  • Audio comes embedded with the HDMI.  In addition, you can input 1 independent audio source through the Line In, such as a microphone or music from a playlist.
  • All images can have different resolutions and will be automatically scaled to the desired output resolution. The RGBlink advanced hardware-based video processing engine supports scaling and full 4:4:4 color space for optimal visual output. 

Output to audio, HDMI, and USB 3.0

  • Use audio Line Out to connect to an audio mixer or another device for video and audio synchronisation. De-embed and extract audio via mini Jack. 
  • Use the HDMI output to connect to a monitor and see the program output, the result of your switching. Alternatively, you can set the monitor to a multiview of 6 pictures: the 4 HDMI sources + preset + program output. 
  • You can also preview the 4 HDMI sources on the built-in TFT display on the mini. 
  • Use the USB 3.0 port to connect to a computer or any USB 3.0 device for capture or streaming, via OBS, to streaming platforms such Facebook, Youtube, Zoom, etc. 

Control via front panel or Ethernet 

  • You can control the mini/mini+ directly from the front panel, or remotely via a LAN connection with apps for laptops and mobile devices, or integrate with third party apps.
  • Connect the ethernet port of the mini/mini+ to your computer to remotely control the switcher. You can use the free OBS - Open Broadcaster Software - to control, record, capture,and livestream. OBS is downloadable from
  • The mini+  version can also use the ethernet port to control a UVC-based PTZ camera via the rotary knobs on the mini+.  This feature is not possible on the mini version. Click here for a video to show you how you can control the PTZ camera via mini+.






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About RGBlink

RGBlink has their roots in AV technology. Video processing for any scale is at the heart of their operation. Unlike traditional broadcasting companies who focus on video resolutions, RGBlink has always stressed the importance of combining graphic resolutions coming from computer displays with high-end video resolutions as demanded by the broadcasting world. This is why RGBlink products are commonly used in typical audiovisual environments, such as presentations for conferencing or live events with huge video walls. The mini series product line makes video processing for any scale possible in a mobile world that demands compact devices to switch, scale and stream video and graphics.

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