New Maxon products: CINEMA 4D R23 and Maxon One


We’re excited to announce the immediate availability of Cinema 4D R23 and Maxon One.

Cinema 4D R23 is the new Cinema 4D version. Perpetual Cinema 4D users can upgrade to this version. Subscription users can download R23 free of charge.  

Maxon One is the new subscription offering, that gives you Cinema 4D, Redshift and Red Giant Complete all for one low price.

Until 30 September 2020 users of an expired or active MSA can profit from a 25% discount on several Cinema 4D products.

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  • Cinema 4D R23
  • Maxon One
  • 25% off Special for MSA holders
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Cinema 4D R23: Putting the Future in Motion

The next generation of Maxon’s professional 3D software delivers powerful enhancements to its animation and UV workflows, character animation toolset, and the inclusion of Magic Bullet Looks technology. The introduction of the new Scene Nodes system provides a preview of the performance customers can expect in future developments of Cinema 4D. Plugin developers will appreciate the update to Python 3, and creative pipelines will benefit from the inclusion of USD import/export and updates to FBX and OBJ handling. R23 is available immediately for subscription holders and is available as an upgrade for perpetual license holders. 


R23 Feature Highlights

  • New Character Animation Tools: Includes new Character Solver and Delta Mush workflows as well as a new Pose Manager and Toon/Face Rigs.
  • Animation Workflow: Better Keyframing, Filters for the Timeline and Attributes Manager, and more.
  • UV Workflows: All the powerful UV editing capabilities introduced in Cinema 4D S22 (the subscription-only upgrade) plus new tools geared toward UV workflows for hard-surface models.
  • Magic Bullet Looks Integration: Easily apply one of over 200 preset film looks, import LUTs, or work with individual tools for color correction, film grain, chromatic aberration and much more. 
  • Scene Nodes: Scene Nodes allows users to explore massive Distributions and Procedural Modeling in advance of the further Cinema 4D core engine development for optimal creativity and experimentation.
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Prices (ex VAT)

Cinema 4D Perpetual
Cinema 4D R23 € 2,900.00
Cinema 4D R23 - Upgrade from Cinema 4D R20/21 € 850.00
Cinema 4D R23 - Upgrade from Cinema 4D Rxx € 1,700.00

Cinema 4D Subscription
Cinema 4D 1 Year € 599.00
Cinema 4D + Redshift for C4D 1 Year € 839.00
Cinema 4D + Redshift for C4D 1 Year - Upgrade from Cinema 4D 1 Yr € 240.00




Maxon One: The ultimate bundle for one low price

Maxon One is a new Subscription bundle that includes Cinema 4D, all Red Giant plugins, and Redshift for Cinema 4D. 

  • Cinema 4D: Easy to learn and extremely powerful 3D software for every type of 3D work, even the most demanding, fast-paced 3D production work.
  • Red Giant Complete. Post-production tools for editing, VFX, and motion design. Includes Universe, Trapcode Suite, Magic Bullet Suite, and VFX Suite. 
  • Redshift for C4D. The world’s first fully GPU-accelerated, biased renderer built to meet the specific demands of contemporary high-end production rendering in C4D.


Price (ex VAT)

Maxon One 1 Year € 1,099.00
Maxon One 1 Year - Upgrade from Cinema 4D 1 Year € 500.00
Maxon One 1 Year - Upgrade from C4D + Redshift for C4D 1 Year € 260.00
Maxon One 1 Year - Upgrade from Red Giant Complete comes soon




25% off Special for MSA holders

We're pleased to announce a 25% discount for all customers who have an active or expired Maxon MSA. These customers received a free Cinema 4D R21 perpetual in September 2019 and have not sidegraded to Subscription yet. 

When they can hand in their Cinema 4D R21 perpetual and use coupon code MSA25, they can purchase the following products with 25% discount: 

  • Maxon One 1 Year 
  • Cinema 4D + Redshift for C4D 1 Year
  • Cinema 4D 1 Year
  • Maxon One 1 Year (Volume-License)
  • Cinema 4D + Red Giant 1 Year (Volume-License)
  • Cinema 4D 1 Year (Volume-License)

The Special is valid until 30 September 2020. 

The MSA sidegrade to a 2-year Subscription
Alternatively, holders with an expired or active MSA who have not sidegraded to Subscription yet, can sidegrade to a 2-year Subscription. The price is in some cases is even more profitable than the sidegrade Special to a 1-year Subscription. In addition, they can keep their Cinema 4D R21 perpetual but cannot use it concurrently with R23. This offer is valid until 31 October 2020.

After 31 October 2020, the MSA sidegrade will disappear forever from the price list. If you want to move to Subscription after 31 October 2020, the only way is to purchase a new Subscription license.  


MSA Sidegrade Prices (ex VAT)

MSA Sidegrade to 2-year Subscription 
Offer expires 31 Oct 2020

Sidegrade C4D Studio MSA to C4D Subscription 2 Years € 959.81
Sidegrade C4D Visualize MSA to C4D Subscription 2 Years € 719.86
Sidegrade C4D Broadcast MSA to C4D Subscription 2 Years € 599.88
Sidegrade C4D Prime MSA to C4D Subscription 2 Years € 359.93
Sidegrade C4D BodyPaint MSA to C4D Subscription 2 Years € 479.90

MSA Sidegrade to 1-year Subscription
25% off Special expires 30 Sep 2020
Use coupon code MSA25

regular 25% off
Maxon One 1 Year € 1,099.00 € 824.25
Cinema 4D + Redshift for C4D 1 Year € 839.00 € 629.25
Cinema 4D 1 Year € 599.00 € 449.25
Maxon One 1 Year (Volume-License) € 1,399.00 € 1,049.25
Cinema 4D + Red Giant 1 Year (Volume-License) € 1,199.00 € 899.25
Cinema 4D 1 Year (Volume-License) € 899.00 € 674.25




Three easy ways to order 

When you order always mention your myMaxon account or email address at which you want to create a myMaxon account. When you are not sure if you are eligible for the 25% off Special please email or call us first; if it appears that you are not entitled to the discount, you might lose your money when ordering online. 


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