FieldCast at ISE 2017 Amsterdam


FieldCast brings you the fiber optic system you always wanted! Robust, easy to use, future-proof, available from stock and... affordable.

Adapters, cables and converters, all with sturdy connectivity built in. FieldCast offers you a complete balanced system, ready for use in the field.

  • On ISE 2017 FieldCast will show a complete working 2Core Hybrid system that powers your camera or other equipment over the same cable that transports your video signal.
  • See how the new FieldCast Hybrid Power Panel makes a smart link from cameras in the field to the back-end of a switcher device while at the same powering the cameras with 24V feeded by the new FieldCast Powerbox 24V 150W Redundant.
  • FieldCast will also show the new Converter line, all built on latest chip technology! Have a look at Converter One, Converter Two and Converter Three; robust, versatile, stand-alone converters that respectively convert fiber to SDI, SDI to fiber, or bidirectional.
  • Lastly, see how the Mux-Demux One is working based on the latest CWDM technology; a multiplexer-demultiplexer pair, capable of transporting four channels of up to 2160p60 SDI over just one fiber optic cable.

Feel free to use FieldCast's invitation code 379218 for free registering until Monday 6 February. Registering after this date means an entrance fee of €150.